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BT1: Flat pack protective screens in acrylic 

Protective screens and sneeze guards can be used to form a physical barrier and are thus ideal for any business with staff in customer-facing roles, or those who work behind a desk or counter.

Choose a standard size or CONTACT US for a speedy quote on custom sneeze screens.  Tell us:

  • The SIZE you require
  • The MATERIAL you would like (clear or glass-look acrylic, or the tougher PETG material)


Product Code ST2-0750-0660-250
Price (excl. VAT) £46.70

Acrylic type
Face size (height x width)
Gap height

PLEASE USE THE DROP-DOWN BOXES ABOVE to view different options for this item (e.g. by altering the 'face size' for the screen).  Variations available include options in material, size and fixing method to suit your requirements.

To have a custom acrylic sneeze guard created to your exact specification, please contact us.

PLEASE ENQUIRE  for further information, advice or prices. 

Flat Pack Protective Screens: Specification

The standard screens are made from a vertical panel which interlocks with the feet.  These are very quick and easy to assemble - slots in the screen and the panel simply interlock.  No tools are required.

The screen has an opening at the base which is 140mm high.

Our standard overall heights for the screen are:

  • 750mm, made in 5mm thick acrylic and available 660mm or 1000mm wide
    feet on this screen are 200mm deep
  • 1000mm, made in 6mm thick acrylic and available 750mm wide.  Because of its height, this has ddeper feet (350mm)

The top corners have a small radius for safety.

The materials available vary with availability.  They can include:

  • Clear Acrylic
  • Silicon (Glass Look) Acrylic
  • PETG (Tougher Than Acrylic)
  • Tinted acrylics

Please ask if you need something else!

Feet and screen shown nterlocking

To hold them firmly in place on a desk or counter, or against a vertical surface such as a wall, try our acrylic fixing brackets.

If you are butting two screens up to each other, why not use our aluminium joining strip to hold them securely together


Acrylic fixing bracketAluminium joining strip for screens