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Protective screens and sneeze guards

Protective screens and sneeze guards form a physical barrier and are thus ideal for any business with staff in customer-facing roles, or those who work behind a desk or counter. Standard and bespoke items available.

'Lite' Information Stands

Stands to display posters, menus, leaflets, brochures, signs and directories, and to support suggestion boxes and other accessories. Also called 10mm bar stands, simply because the supporting bars are 10mm diameter stainless steel!

Boxes, cubes and cases

Acrylic display boxes, cubes and cases - suspended, free-standing and to mount on the wall. Standard designs or bespoke items made to order. Display cases for trophies, exhibits and goods. Collection, ballot and suggestion boxes.

Information Stands

Versatile stands to display information and to support many different accessories. Study, yet sleek aluminium stands support poster holders, leaflet holders, signs, banners, panels or directories, or a mix of add-ons.

Angled Stands

Lectern or podium stands to display information at an angle. These stands support a variety of accessories, including snap frames, multi-poster panels, touch screens, outdoor lockable boxes and menu cases (including lit ones).

Shelving systems

Suspended displays incorporating shelves - both acrylic and glass shelving is available. Glass shelves are in 6mm thick toughened safety glass. Suspended, free standing and wall mount systems

Bag stands

Carrier bag stands for every occasion! The same basic design, but varying from sturdy and heavyweight to portable in a carry case. Ideal for exhibitions. Also use as lanyard stands or for hanging merchandise.

Ladder Displays

Aluminium frames, where hook-on accessories (poster holders, leaflet dispensers) fit over 25mm diameter cross-bars ('rungs'). Ladder displays can be made wider than many other displays, due to the rigidity of the rungs.